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Born in Buenos Aires and based in New York, German Palacio also known as Ulisespal is a musician and visual artist. 
His work incorporates dark concepts and new technology. 
Lately, he's been developing a new visual technique incorporating audio reactivity to his sound and visuals as lights.
Creative Code Festival at Lightbox NYC - Nov 14th 2020
Contact & Booking ulisespal@gmail.com
Happy and honored to be part of Creative Code Festival along with innovative new media artists from New York.

Generative Sounds - 5>00pm / Sat Nov 14 

Presented by Lightbox’s Manhattan Space

Curation by Never Knows Better and Creative Code Art

Contact & Booking
"Everything Vibrates" at Theaterlab Presents - May  1st - May 9th 2021
"Everything Vibrates" is an exploration of generative data sounds mixing ASCII art code visuals, glitches, and sound waves. 
EV is inspired by the energy, frequency and the touched by vibration, is the invisible feeling of every day, is the feeling of a new dimension. 
The Installation features an audio-reactive space connected to the visuals, making an interactive experience, 
Installation open from 12pm to 6pm
Live Shows
May 2 at 3pm & 5pm
May 8 at 6pm
May 9 at 3pm & 5pm
May 10 at 6pm

Show and Installation videos below. . .

“Torsion Field” Live at Theaterlab NYC Feb 27 / 2023 & more videos on playlist < Live & Generative Art >
ARS Electronica Festival Garden NYC - Sep  8th - Sep 12th 2021

I will be generating an installation that features an audio-reactive space connected to the visuals, making an interactive experience, also performing a live show.
ARS Electronica Festival Garden NYC 2021 is a "Portal" to invite the audience to explore a world of immersive art, new technology, and interactive performances. 
Date: Sep 8th - Sep 12th - 2021 - Location: Culture Lab LIC Queens, New York

Foundation NFTs - July 2021
So thrilled to drop my first #NFTs on @withfoundation.
This Collection is an abstract minimal glitch, based on vibrations and the digital complex of energy in everyday life.
Foundation bridges crypto and culture to foster a network of mutual support between artists, creators, and collectors.
Renaissance Protocol - July 17th - 18th  2021
So cool to be part of “Renaissance Protocol” 
at Theaterlab In NYC July 17th to 18th.

My #nft collection is being exhibited along with super talented artists like @hadis_knj @erin_wajufos @vjdeliria @shes_excited & more. . . 

Vizmesh Presents: Renaissance Protocol - A Curated NFT Exhibit
There is an art movement that is emerging on the blockchain and is redefining how art is created, owned and experienced. Join us to view some of the themes and artists that are a part of this growing renaissance.
Gofundme Ars Electronica Festival Garden NYC  2021
The Festival is a pay-what-you-wish/can-event.RSVP here
Promo Video 
<Ulisespal Live Show at 6:00 pm
<8:30 pm Live In The Cube with She's Excited!
<8:30 pm Live In The Cube with She's Excited!
<8:30 pm Live In The Cube with She's Excited!
<2:00 pm KIDS Live In The Cube with She's Excited!
So happy to be part of this exhibition, Orbiting the Glitch is launching on Nov 5th to 28th.

Orbiting the Glitch is a virtual exhibition exploring the aesthetics of failure at the intersection of art and technology and will be visited through the lens of new media and generative art.
It will be hosted by @newart.city and is a collaborative effort between the glitch.cool collective and independent curator @rafailiat

Artists from around the world to work with us in making an international exhibition which will explore techniques embracing error and transforming it into a discussion or visual proposition. The rooms include works from the collective’s own artists, artists from the glitch.cool discord server, as well as artists who were selected through invitation and open call.
Save the date and join us for our opening party on the night!
And keep an eye on our socials as we announce a range of events throughout the month, including talks, workshops, and performance.
Orbiting the Glitch - Nov 5th - Nov 28th 2021
Open  > 3D Virtual Space / Gallery 
An exhibition exploring the aesthetics of failure at the intersection of art and technology 
I am humbled to be a part of these and beyond thankful for these teams making it all happen.
My NFTs collection is going to be displayed in Time Square.

All FRMs in the Vizmesh Gallery will be exhibited in Times Square on one of the world's LARGEST digital screens on 6/20/2022 at 9:00PM (this coincides with the first night of NFT NYC 2022). The billboard has already been booked and paid for and the event will be captured by a professional camera team for those unable to attend in person.

Exhibition Description: Temporal Vision explores the permanent qualities of NFTs versus the fleeting, temporary ways in which they are viewed. While NFT art is forever stored on the blockchain and distributed file storage systems, the viewing experience is usually quite brief for a number of reasons. Among these are the modes of display. NFTs can be viewed on screens in galleries like physical art, but can also be viewed on phones, on computers, in VR and AR, and on social media; mediums that by their nature are fleeting and impermanent. Museums, by comparison, offer their audiences time to savor the work on display, which is an inherent part of the experience. NFT images, unlike physical art, live in the ether, and are consumed repeatedly and instantaneously. Curiously, although quite opposite in this regard, they are both essentially repositories of the culture in perpetuity.

Temporal Vision - Time Square - NYC -  June 20 - 9:00PM - 2022
Mirror Room - Online Platforms - April 9 - Monthly Updates - 2022
Mirror Room is based on the daily experimentation of reactive audio playing with different ranges of colors and textures synchronized with rough sounds creating another dimension within it, it will soon be presented live.
It is a personal journey mixing recreated generative art and banal frequencies and spontaneous glitches.
This room will have monthly updates to see the creation and evolution of it.
Join me for an immersive experience with my audio-reactive installation at Museum of Digital Experiences in New York.
The installation features an open microphone that invites you to unleash your creativity and interact with the visuals. Feel free to clap, sing, or make any other sound that comes to mind.

The MoDE is a revolutionary new museum that’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before! As New York’s first all-digital museum, it’s dedicated to showcasing the future of art and technology. Step into a cutting-edge exhibition featuring 14 unique digital art installations, crafted by some of the most innovative artists of our time. 

Whether you’re a tech enthusiast, an art lover, or simply someone looking for an exciting new experience, the MoDE is the place to be. 

I will present “Substantial Reality” audio-reactive installation at Theaterlab.
“10 Years at 36th Street Celebration”
The evening will include live performances, digital art, and interactive experience, refreshments and music.
Performing Artists will include:
Duff Norris
Testu Collective + Yoko Murakami
Jay Tobin
Christine Renee Miller
Jack Meriwether
Michaela Lind
Drew Vallins
10 Years at 36th Street Celebration at Theaterlab - NYC -  Dec 12 - 6:00PM - 2022
 Museum of Digital Experiences - NYC -  January 6 to Present - 2023
Audio Reactive / Stage Design
His recent creative journey has involved not only designing captivating audio-reactive expressions. 
but also exploring the realm of stage design, 
collaborating with various artists and events along the way.
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Miminifest at Theaterlab NYC -  October 8th - 3PM & 5PM - 2023
The Minifest at @theaterlab

 it’s going to be an epic experience! I’ll be unveiling a brand-new visual in a geometric and spatial setting I’ve never explored before.

Additionally, I’m thrilled to be collaborating with @mollyshaynacohen on an Enigmatic New Media Minimal performance, and we’re gearing up to unveil ‘Container.’
About “Container”

“Magic of the most mundane and natural. Don’t blink, or you might miss it.”

Miminifest at Theaterlab NYC -  October 8th - 3PM & 5PM - 2023
J A P A N S Y L V A N I A : P O P ! - from Tokyo to the World -  November 3 to Present - 2023

Curated by Brittany Kurtinecz and Molly Goehring, Spatial.io, Metaverse

Debuts on November 6, 2023 at 7:30 PM EST/November 7, 2023 at 9:30 AM JST. There will be a livestream of the opening event, and you are welcome to visit the world on Spatial.io.

Spatial.io (also called “Spatial”) is where our virtual event is being hosted. The program is available to download from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store if you’d like to use it on your phone or tablet. It is also available on desktop and VR. It is free to download and works almost like a video game. You control an avatar and are able to explore the virtual space. If you would like to learn more, please click the following link and visit their official website: 

Music Collaboration for “Closer”
 A poem by Yaalon Ravi. 

Translated and adapted by Katharine Hoeppel 

with music by Ulisespal 

Austria March 2024
Music Collaboration for “Closer" -  Austria - February 18 - 2024
Open  > 3D Virtual Space / Gallery 
available on desktop and VR. It is free to download and works almost like a video game